Funding of R&D and Design activities is key to sustaining innovation and competition. Being among the limited number of R&D or Design Centers registered and monitored by the Ministry of Industry and Technology for institutions with R&D, innovation culture and infrastructure provides a great momentum for institutions in terms of both financing and prestige.

In R&D and Design Centers registered by the Ministry of Industry and Technology, it is possible to benefit from the following advantages for all R&D and Design activities:

  • 80% income tax reduction for R&D personnel (95% for personnel with PhD)
  • 80% income tax reduction for support personnel at the rate of 20% of the total personnel
  • 50% exemption on employer's contribution for social security
  • 100% deduction of R&D project expenses (personnel, hardware, software, materials, etc.) from corporate income tax
  • Stamp Tax Exemption
  • Customs Duty Exemption

In this context, Centrum provides the following services to R&D/Design Centers and companies operating in Technology Parks (Technoparks):

Portal Management on Administrative and Financial Issues

  • Tracking of general progress regarding R&D/Design Centers and Technopark Portal management
  • Providing information and guidance for the establishment of an incentive mechanism in accordance with Law No. 5746/4691
  • Providing information and suggestions on R&D incentives, programs and changing legislation
  • Tracking and directing the national and international R&D funds that the company can benefit from
  • Examination of expenses in terms of uniform chart of accounts and TAS (Turkish Accounting Standards)
  • Numerical reporting of the total incentive amount benefited
  • Analysis of additional information and documents to be added within the scope of corporate income tax return and tax certification

Sustainability Services for R&D/Design Centers and Companies Operating in Technoparks

  • Project Writing for programs opened by KOSGEB / TÜBİTAK-TEYDEB / Ministry of Trade
  • Consortium creation and project writing for EU Projects
  • Incentives Financial Management Support
  • Patent / Utility Model Incentives Management Support
  • Access to academic publications/papers and literature
  • Intellectual Property Management Support
  • Trainings
  • Managing University-Industry Collaborations
  • Establishing mentorship program and campaign management
  • Advisory on R&D and Innovation capacity self-assessment and how to increase the overall quality of R&D and Innovation activities
  • Regular academic counseling
  • Venture capital investment fund management (mandatory after 2022)