Tax certification is a tool that significantly reduces the faulty or deficient practices which may arise during a possible tax inspection to be carried out by Turkish Ministry of Finance.

Tax certification does not only reduce the risk of tax inspections but also results in early diagnosis and correction of faulty implementations. Tax planning opportunities identified during audit works and brought to the attention of company management also constitute a significant value created by the certification services.

We provide the following services to our customers in scope of tax certification:

  • Eliminating or minimizing all tax risks by the end of each fiscal period by reviewing all taxation transactions and statements
  • Reviewing legal books, documents and relevant financial statements within the framework of tax legislation provisions
  • Correcting any fault and complete deficiencies determined during audits
  • Preparing interim audit and year-end audit reports and notify to senior management
  • Determining the compliance of advance tax statements and corporate tax statements with tax laws
  • Issuing corporate tax certification report and submitting it to the tax office